The Nexus Quest

The Nexus Quest program will introduce you to the four basic personality styles and invite you to embark on a journey to find more success in life. Below you'll find the resources which will help you reach this worthy goal.

Fre Podcasts Start HereThe Nexus Quest Introduction (step 1)
This 5 minute video from Nathan Bryce, inventor of the Insight Personality System, will help you understand why living a life filled with virtue will always lead to happiness. He will invite you to take a character-building journey to better understand yourself and other people, and then use that understanding to enhance your life with as many virtues as possible.
Fre Podcasts The Nexus Quest Parable (step 2)
This 56-minute video features The Nexus Quest, a parable written by Nathan Bryce. Its objective is to introduce you to temperament types, and then explain how personal and societal problems automatically resolve themselves as people acquire the virtues that are associated with each personality type. If you agree with what you see in the video, we encourage you to join us as we pursue a course towards the good life.
Fre Podcasts The Nexus Quest Starter Kit (step 3)
The Nexus Quest Starter Kit is a discounted $50 collection of tools and resources you need in order to start your journey towards a life filled with virtue. It contains seven items that will help you reach the "Good Life" as quickly and as painlessly as possible:

  • [N207A] The Nexus Quest: A Passport to the Good Life
  • [N045A] The Insight Spectrum Survey
  • [N203A] The Blue Temperament
  • [N204A] The Gold Temperament
  • [N205A] The Green Temperament
  • [N206A] The Orange Temperament
  • [N898A] InsightLearning.com Membership (1 month)
Fre FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the answers to a number of questions about The Nexus Quest program. If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to send an email to: help@insightlearning.com.
Fre Q&A

Discussion Questions and Answers
This page contains a list of the discussion questions from the parable and some common responses. This list may be useful if you are conducting your own Nexus Quest presentations and want to have some answers just in case your audience doesn't contribute some of their own. If you want to submit additional answers, please send an email to: info@insightlearning.com.

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Blue Virtue: Gratitude
This will take you to a link where you can sign-up to participate in a seven-day course on Gratitude. Each day, you will receive an email featuring a short lesson and a couple of activities. It will take about 13 minutes to complete each lesson.

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